The Gift of Poverty

Some succeed by great talent. Some by a miracle. But for a very special few, by the gift of poverty. This man we now pay tribute to comes from that very special few.

This is the story of DEMETRIO B. PINEDA

Born to a struggling couple, Consolacion and Saturnino Pineda, Demetrio at a tender age is no stranger to hard and honest labor. Disciplined by example, he was up before dawn to till the land that his father so loved. Day and night. Rain or shine. And to get to school, Demetrio went by foot and walked back only to return to work in their beloved farm.

It must have been under the heat of the sun and the cold of the rain when Demetrio made a promise to work even harder that no food may be too rich to afford, no distance too far to reach and no comfort too good to enjoy. It must have been as early as then when Dem, as he is fondly called by his children, joined the world of entrepreneurs in 1949.

With his father’s hard-earned Ten Thousand Pesos, and his burning desire for the better life, Dem ventured on. And PHILIPPINE PLUMBING COMPANY INC (PPCI). was born! Of a once-upon-a-time farmer, pier checker and truck driver who wisely chose to light a candle rather than to curse the darkness.

The rest is history. Today, after almost 70 years, PHILIPPINE PLUMBING COMPANY INC. leads second to none in the history of plumbing construction and service.

A promise has been fulfilled. And a dream has been fully realized.

Eight eight years have passed since the beginning of this story of a provincial boy who was destined to win. Our lives have been so meaningfully touched by the man that he has become. The man who succeeded perhaps not much by great talent or by the influence of his friends. Probably more by a miracle.

By: Marissa Almario- Coe

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